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Increase Productivity
Walk onto any worksite within the MWRTK VRS network and, within minutes, start surveying with centimeter accuracy. By yourself.

The VRS software establishes high quality control throughout the network area so that users can work anywhere within the network without setting up and securing a reference base station and base radio modem.

Less time setting up = more time working = increased productivity!

Reduce Capital Equipment Costs
MWRTK VRS networks eliminate the need of a Base Receiver and radio at the job site. The only equipment a single-person crew needs is a cell phone and a rover.

High Quality Data
Reference station data is preprocessed to ensure integrity, reject outliers, and correct for cycle slips. The result is consistent, accurate corrections anywhere in the network, regardless of distance to individual reference stations.

Ease of Use
Connecting to the network is easy.
All you need is cell phone coverage at the job site and an Internet connection.

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