Connecting to the Internet

To connect to the Internet, you need a cellular modem (typically, a cell phone). The cellular modem can be connected to the controller by Bluetooth or by cable.

To connect by cable, use the cellular modem data cable connected to the serial port on the controller. Then create a new dialing location and dial-up connection.

To connect to the internet using a Bluetooth cellular modem:

A Bluetooth cellular modem can connect to an ACU, or to a TSCe with a BlueCap using Bluetooth.

  1. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled, and that the cellular modem is paired and connected. For more information, see Bluetooth.
  2. On the controller, run the application [Bluetooth2Mobile] to associate your phone with Dial-up networking. Double-tap [My computer] and browse to [\Disk\Program Files\Survey Controller\], then double-tap [Bluetooth2Mobile.exe].
  3. Select your cellular modem from the drop down list. Tap [Hide] to minimize the application to the toolbar. Then follow the remaining steps below.

To create a new dialing location:

  1. On the controller, tap [Start / Settings / Control Panel / Dialing].
  2. Tap [New]. Enter an appropriate name for the dialing location. Tap [OK].
  3. Tap [Dial patterns].
  4. Set the [Local, Long distance, and International calls] fields all to "[g]". Tap [OK].
    This ensures that the controller does not add any automatic long distance or area codes to the number that it dials.

To create a new Dial-up Connection:

  1. On the controller, tap [Start / Settings / Control Panel / Network and Dial-up Connections].
  2. Double tap [Make new Connection]. Enter a connection name.
  3. Make sure that the connection type is set to [Dial-up Connection]. Tap [Next].
  4. Do one of the following:
    - If you are using Bluetooth, select [BluetoothDUN].
    - If you are using a cable, select either [Com1: Hayes Compatible] or [Com2: Hayes Compatible].
  1. Tap [Next].
  2. In the [Phone number] dialog, enter the number to dial:
    - If you are dialing a GSM provider (pay by the minute), then enter the number to dial.
    - If you are dialing a GPRS provider (pay by volume of data transferred), enter *99#. The *99# is a standard access code for GPRS. If you are unable to connect using *99#, contact your GPRS provider.

To start the Internet connection:

  1. Make sure that the cellular modem is switched on and connected to the controller.
  2. On the controller, tap [Start / Settings / Network/Dial-up Connections].
  3. Double tap the new connection that you created earlier.
  4. If necessary, enter the [User Name] and [Password] required by your GPRS provider to log onto their network. Many providers do not require a user name or password.
  5. Tap [Connect].
  6. When you are connected, tap [Hide].

Tip - To check that you are connected to the Internet, tap [Start / Programs / Internet Explorer] and visit a website, for example,

To configure an Internet Real-Time Survey see Configuring a Survey Style for an Internet Real-Time Survey.